Case Study: Competitive Analysis

Challenge: Conduct a competitive analysis of the behavioral health space in digital health


  • Work with the CEO to develop a framework for analysis based on product features, financial status, and outcomes
  • Review behavioral health articles to get a broad sense of the landscape
  • Select relevant companies to populate framework
  • Populate framework with relevant companies, examining websites, press releases, and academic papers
  • Categorize companies by type (e.g. interventional vs. diagnostic) and direct vs. indirect
  • Articulate competitor companies' differentiators and mitigating actions

Research Examples:

Blog Posts: 


  • SVB Digital Health ReportsHigh level overview of the digital health landscape and consumer digital health financing trends.
  • Healthbox Horizon Scan Quarterly Reports on Remote Monitoring, Behavioral Health, and Provider Experience available to healthcare providers and vendors upon request. Contact me at