Real Time Stratification

Real Time Stratification

At Evolent, I launched our Real Time Stratification (RTS) program to deliver faster insights to our care management teams.


Existing stratification had 3 month lag, making care management programs less effective. Our team was tasked with building out real time stratification, which would produce risk scores daily instead of monthly.


  • Socialized concepts to engineers to build out tooling to match members to care management programs

  • Led crossfunctional team of technical leads, data analysts, operations leads, and configuration team to test and implement RTS solution by conducting weekly syncs and communicating timelines to market teams.


  • RTS was launched with 3 pilot clients with no technical issues.

  • New markets demanding new solution

Moving Forward

To make RTS more scalable, we needed to automate the process for the members to appear in the care management app. To do this, I am working with the engineering team to build an automated solution.

RTS Program Implementation


Crossfunctional Team Launch

Led team to coordinate testing and implementation of new program

RTS documentation


Generated and circulated documentation to allow operations team to understand purpose of program and how to use



Socialized concepts and mockups with engineers to roll out automation to support more clients