Product, research, strategy, finance, analytical, healthtech, and startup experience. 

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With a major in biology and business from UPenn, I have a strong ability to translate complex abstract concepts into laymen's terms and concrete products. My background in startup, finance, analysis, research, and product gives me a unique ability to execute in an ambiguous environment. I am passionate about how technology can improve people's lives, be it in healthcare or making better connections in real life. 

In the past 5 years I have: 

  • Created and socialized a roadmap for a generic extractor to be implemented across a large healthcare IT company focusing on health plan administration

  • Prioritized a backlog for software development team to build out an e-commerce site for a local coffee company

  • Launched and managed a product aimed at helping healthcare organizations find and select digital health companies

  • Valued and evaluated hundreds of digital health technologies, reviewing pitch decks and interviewing C-suite employees

  • Conducted commercial and competitive analysis on over 30 early stage biopharma assets

I'm available for a full time product role or contract role in product or research and analysis. You can find my resume here.

Reach out to me at e.a.wengel@gmail.com or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.




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